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Englewood primary elections 2013

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Englewood 4th Ward Democrats' primary debate focuses on Mackay Park, improving ward recreation

How to improve the city’s largest park in the heart of its black and Hispanic community was the focus of a candidate’s debate Thursday evening between two Democrats seeking their party’s nomination to represent the 4th Ward on the City Council.

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Englewood students stay over for 'Girls Talk'

ENGLEWOOD €” Janis Dismus Middle School girls were able to develop leadership skills and improve their self esteem this Memorial Day weekend as part of an overnight event aimed to further enhance the climate and culture of the middle school.

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Task force to consider ice rink in Englewood

The future of the city’s beleaguered ice arena could be placed in the hands of a 15-member task force that would study the damaged ice rink and recommend whether the city should save it or tear it down, Mayor Frank Huttle announced at a City Council meeting Tuesday.

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Hackensack to take part in Government Services Index study

HACKENSACK €” Hackensack will join Bergenfield, Bogota, Englewood, and Teaneck to fund a study that will provide a comparative analysis on municipal costs. The municipalities comprise the Northern New Jersey Community Collaborative €” an entity of the Northern New Jersey Collaborative Foundation.

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Losing Englewood school board candidate asks for investigation of messages to voters

Encouraging people to vote is typically seen as a civic duty, or at least an accepted political tactic. Complaint of official misconduct

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Englewood school district reduces summer school program

ENGLEWOOD — Education officials cited a lack of funds as the reason for cutting hours and weeks out of the summer school program that starts in July.

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Hackensack firefighter guilty of sex assault on girl

A suspended Hackensack firefighter faces up to 15 years in prison after being convicted Tuesday of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl at an Englewood home.

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Alert on Englewood street work

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Activist wants protection for Englewood lot

An outspoken community activist is circulating a petition to protect a vacant lot that city officials say isn’t in any danger.

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