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Wallington school's roof collapses due to snow

The roof of Wallington's Gavlak School gymnasium collapsed under the weight of accumulated snow build up at approximately 1:30 a.m. on Feb. 14, according to police.

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Becton approves new superintendent, cuts Spring Break days, opens Wallington regionalization discussion

In a pre-storm Wednesday night meeting, Feb. 12, the Becton Board of Education removed two days from Spring Break, voted in new superintendent Louise Clarke, and voted 5-2 to open regionalization discussions with Wallington district.

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Wallington residents asked not to throw snow in the street

Wallington Police Capt Carmello Imbruglia is asking residents not to throw snow into the streets when they clear their driveways and sidewalks.

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Wallington Board of Education approves school dress code

The Wallington Board of Education voted on Jan. 27 to implement a uniform dress code for all students that will go in effect in September.

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Sarlo exploring option of new dairy operation taking over Wallington plant

A Bergen County lawmaker is exploring the possibility of a new dairy manufacturer or distributor taking over the Farmland Dairies facility after its owner declined to reconsider plans to shutter the milk-processing plant.

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Wallington Police Department arrests trio

The Wallington Police Department arrested three men who, in two separate cases, allegedly robbed an elderly resident in November and burglarized a Halstead Avenue residence this month.

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Bergen Sen. Sarlo calls for meeting with Wallington Farmland Dairies owners over closure

Sarlo sent a letter Thursday to the chief executive officer of Borden Dairy Co. seeking to arrange a meeting with himself and the heads of the state’s economic development, commerce and agriculture programs to discuss the resources that may be available to keep Farmland Dairies open.

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Wallington School District gets grant funds, but not for a new school

The Wallington School District received a $1.47 million grant from the New Jersey School Development Authority that will go toward repairs and renovations at the Junior/Senior High School.

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Farmland Dairies closing Wallington plant, putting hundreds out of work

Farmland Dairies’ landmark Wallington plant that boasts such successful brands as Skim Plus is closing down, putting more than 300 employees out of work.

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Interim superintendent will consult incoming administrator in Wallington

The Wallington Board of Education on Nov. 25 passed a resolution authorizing an agreement with Interim Superintendent Dr. Frank Cocchiola to provide consulting services to incoming Superintendent James Albro.

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