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Rutherford highline blocked off by Norfolk Southern

The head of the Rutherford Green Team is calling on residents from both boroughs to rally in support of the trail on Saturday morning at the Rutherford Community Garden.

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Rutherford local, former cop hopes to franchise on door stop invention, The Jammer

Already a hit with law enforcement throughout New Jersey, Surowiec hopes to expand his business through Get on the Shelf, an online voting contest with more than 300 contestants sponsored by Wal-Mart.

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History Chest: Famous physicians practiced in Rutherford

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‘Catfish’ scheme created tensions at Rutherford High School

The fake kidnapping was the capstone to a series of tricks Andriy Mykhaylivskyy played on his classmates at Rutherford High over the last school year, several of his friends said. The deceptions led to destroyed friendships, late-night police calls and threats of violence.

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Rutherford teen accused of lying to US Embassy about fake girl's kidnapping

A Rutherford teenager was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly creating a fictitious girl on social media and then reporting to U.S. authorities overseas that the girl was kidnapped for a $50,000 ransom.

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Rutherford resident charged in international Catfish case

Andriy Mykhaylivsky, an 18-year-old resident of Rutherford, was charged with making false statements to a U.S. Embassy about a fictitious girl that he made up on the internet being kidnapped.

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Rutherford man charged with DWI, aggravated assault after crash injuring woman

A driver who allegedly was drunk lost control of his car Thursday night, striking a curb, a tree, a street light and a utility pole before hitting and seriously injuring a woman standing on the sidewalk, authorities said.

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Glass jar filled with strange green liquid found outside Rutherford High School poses no danger says bomb squad

A Rutherford pool employee happened upon a glass jar, filled with a strange, florescent green liquid and which carried a warning on the cap, strewn on the side of the road on Elliot Place just outside of Rutherford High School this morning, Aug. 21, said Police Chief John Russo.

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Rutherford auto trash meets with obstacle due to lack of votes

The Rutherford council lacked the votes necessary to pass a bond ordinance that would have paid for the largest chunk of the borough's proposed automated sanitation program or auto trash.

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