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Missing Nutley woman found safe in Rutherford hotel

Angela Nowak of Nutley, New Jersey
Angela Nowak
RUTHERFORD, N.J. - The nationwide search for a kidnapped Nutley, New Jersey woman came to a close this morning, when police found the victim safe but badly shaken in a hotel room on Route 3 in Rutherford.

The ex-boyfriend who allegedly kidnapped her was arrested soon after in the hotel parking lot.

Angela Nowak, 26, was reported to have been forcefully taken from her Nutley home at knifepoint Sunday night. Her ex-boyfriend, Michael Siculietano, 29, reportedly kicked down the front door at around 6:00 p.m. and assaulted her current boyfriend, punching him in the head and chest and kicking his legs.

Siculietano then allegedly stole $3,000 from the top of a dresser and took off with Nowak in the current boyfriend's car.

A nationwide alert was issued last night.

A hotel employee at the Renaissance Meadowlands Hotel in Rutherford recognized Nowak and Siculietano from news reports on television. The hotel's general manager informed Rutherford police at about 8:20 this morning that the former couple was staying at the Route 3 hotel.

Rutherford and Nutley police headed to the hotel and discovered Nowak alone in the room. "She was in good condition, [but] she was scared," said Rutherford Detective Michael Garner.

Nowak did not risk an escape because she "feared for her life," Garner said. Siculietano had warned her not to leave, and told her that he would repeatedly call the room to make sure she was still there, according to Garner.

When Siculietano returned to the hotel, he found the police waiting for him. They arrested him without incident.

Nutley police are now holding both Nowak and Siculietano for questioning.

Garner said they did find some money in Siculietano's possession, but they were not sure how much of the original $3,000 in alleged stolen money was left.

According to Nutley Police Detective Lieutenant Steven Rogers, the Nutley police have not recovered any of the stolen money. "[Through questioning] we hope to find out where it may have went," Rogers said.

Nutley police are not yet sure on the details of Nowak and Siculietano's former relationship, including how it ended. Nowak's current boyfriend, a 30-year-old who remains unnamed, sustained injuries to the head, chest, and leg, but "nothing life-threatening" said Rogers.

Siculietano faces a host of pending charges from Nutley police, including robbery, assault, carjacking, kidnapping, and burglary. Rutherford will be charging Siculietano with receiving stolen property and with criminal restraint for forcing Nowak to remain in the hotel room.

Rogers said Nutley police worked well into the early hours on the case. They sent out a nationwide alert with details on the suspect, victim, and stolen car, and decided to notify the media at around 10:30 p.m. Less than 10 hours later, they had located Nowak and Siculietano.

"It was nice to bring the whole incident to a quick conclusion with the victim being located in a safe condition," said Garner.

The employee who reported Siculietano had responded to a request to fix air conditioning in the room on Sunday night. According to Toni Pinto, the hotel's general manager, Siculietano had struck up a friendly conversation with the employee and was acting unusually romantic. "[Siculietano] was sort of smothering her with a lot of nice gestures and a lot of lovey dovey stuff," said Pinto.

"I'm glad we were able to help out in this situation," said Pinto. "The police were extremely professional about the whole thing. The woman was frightened, but the police calmed her down. When she walked out of here, she seemed to feel a lot safer."

"This was great police work between Rutherford and Nutley police," said Rogers. "We also learned how powerful the media can be. If it weren't for the media, we would not have found them this quickly."

Angela Nowak & Michael Siculietano of Nutley, New Jersey
Angela Nowak; suspect & ex-boyfriend Michael Siculietano

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