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Homeowners seek as much as $10,000 a night for Super Bowl rentals

The number of short-term Super Bowl rentals listed on the Internet has increased as the Feb. 2 game draws closer

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From Shake Shack to Bareburger

You can trace the evolution of the better-burger movement without leaving Bergen County.

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Northern Valley parents want drug-test documents

As Northern Valley Regional High School readies a policy for random drug-testing, doubts about the program are mounting.

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Road Warrior: Weighing red-light camera options

Should cameras that tick¬et drivers who fail to stop at trou¬blesome red-light intersections continue to operate, or should they be scrapped?

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Reminder: New York-bound tube of Holland Tunnel to close at midnight for six-hour disaster drill

The New Jersey side of the Holland Tunnel will be closed for six hours overnight for an annual emergency response drill, Port Authority officials said yesterday.

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As Super Bowl draws closer, New Jersey finalizes its own game plan

For the past two years, Wayne Hasenbalg, president and CEO of the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, has been overseeing the state’s readiness for the big game — to make sure the trains run, the power flows, the roads around the stadium stay open, and visitors leave with a good feeling about Jersey by the time it’s over.

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Families celebrate adoptions as part of nationwide observance

Several adoptions were finalized in Passaic County Family Court on Friday and celebrated as part of National Adoption Day, which is designed to raise awareness of the pool of foster children in need of adoption.

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Top 5 cities with the highest auto-theft rate

A list of the top 5 cities in New Jersey with the highest rates of car theft.

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Watch: Garden State Plaza Shooter terrifies shoppers in security cam footage

Security video obtained by NBC4 shows Garden State Plaza shooter Richard Shoop in the final moments before he took his life

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Bill aims to keep bears at bay in NJ by regulating traps, trash dumping

To outsiders, controlling the black bear population might seem an unlikely problem for the Garden State, with its concrete, asphalt and strip malls. Most residents face tie-ups on the turnpike far more often than bears in their back yards. But New Jersey lawmakers are worried about black bears, and they advanced a bill on Thursday to try to keep human food away from the animals.

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