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Bergen County Executive Dennis McNerney highlights new pedestrian safety laws at press conference

Stop and Stay Stopped new pedestrian safety law in New JerseyHACKENSACK, N.J. – Bergen County Executive Dennis McNerney held a press conference yesterday to highlight recent changes to traffic control laws aimed at improving pedestrian safety.


EXCLUSIVE: Bergen County to secede from New Jersey and form its own independent sovereign state

Bergen County - the 51st StateHACKENSACK, N.J. - An inside source has informed BergenNOW that the Bergen County Board of Freeholders plans to vote to make Bergen County an independent sovereignty - named "Bergen" - as a result of residents' protests against Governor Chris Christie's plan to do away with Bergen's blue laws restricting business operations on Sundays.


Bergen County holds safety conference to explain new traffic laws

Bergen County Executive Dennis McNerneyHACKENSACK, N.J. - Bergen County Executive Dennis McNerney invites members of the community to attend a press conference on enhancements made to pedestrian safety and traffic control laws on April 1. Representatives of the Bergen County Police Department will also be in attendance at the conference.


Motorists must stop – and STAY stopped – for pedestrians in crosswalks beginning April 1

New Jersey has new New Jersey drivers must begin driving differently tomorrow, under a new law which aims to reduce the state's high rate of pedestrian fatalities.


Bergen County Executive Dennis McNerney challenges Governor Chris Christie on legal support for Sunday shopping at Xanadu despite county's Blue Laws

Bergen County Executive Dennis McNerneyHACKENSACK, N.J. - Bergen County Executive Dennis McNerney today sent a letter to Governor Chris Christie, asking for a copy of the Governor's legal opinion he received that would allow Sunday shopping at Xanadu.


New Jersey State Police warns warm weather & cold water create deadly temptation

Statue of LibertyBERGEN COUNTY, N.J. - New Jersey has seen five boating fatalities in the last couple of weeks, as enthusiasts take to their boats in the warmer, early spring weather. But water temperatures are still dangerously frigid, and boaters not
wearing life jackets are poised for a life and death struggle should they fall into the water.


Bergen County Executive Dennis McNerney hosts annual Easter Egg Hunt in Paramus

Annual Bergen County Easter Egg Hunt at Van Saun Park in Paramus, NJPARAMUS, N.J. - Registration is underway for the annual Bergen County Easter Egg hunt at Van Saun County Park, which will take place this Saturday, April 3, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Van Saun County Park on Forest Avenue.


Teaneck Chamber of Commerce offers Census assistance

2010 Census assistance from Teaneck Chamber of CommerceTEANECK, N.J. - CENSUS 2010 is underway, and the Teaneck Chamber of Commerce office is one of 5 local Questionnaire Assistance Centers (QAC). The centers have available Census forms for people who need them. There will also be help for those that will need assistance in filling out their Census forms.


Gala celebration of Bergen County volunteers set for April 13

News Anchor Brenda BlackmonBERGEN COUNTY, N.J. - The Volunteer Center of Bergen County will salute volunteers from all parts of the county at its annual Celebrate Volunteers recognition event on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at the John Greico Auditorium at Bergen Academies, 200 Hackensack Avenue, Hackensack.


Bergen County residents continue to weigh in on Blue Law & Sunday business restrictions

Paramus Park MallBergen County residents continue to weigh in on the question of keeping Bergen County's "blue law", and continue to vote in the community poll here:

JCL: I've lived in Bergen County my entire life. Part of that time in Paramus on Farview Ave no less! do i even have to say it? KEEP THE BLUE LAWS!

AM: i worked for years in Retail.So keep the blue laws.Because It supposed to on Sundays for prayer?right!!



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