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Bergen County online community members sound off on Blue Law & vote in poll

Paramus Park MallSome of BergenNOW's community members are weighing in on the question of keeping Bergen County's "blue law", and the poll we're running here in the community:

GCK: yes...I grew up with church and family Sunday dinners and visiting loved ones...Lets keep it that way!!

CWS: yes PLEASE KEEP THE BLUE LAWS!!!! It is nice to drive down 17 and 4 on a Sunday with NO TRAFFIC! JJM: Yes it is a unique quality of life matter in the tri.state

JM: Yes even god rested on the 7th day

KO: I have a feeling that our new leadership in Trenton, really doesn't care about polls. And I'm sure he doesn't care about traffic on Rt 17. And if you don't believe that, just ask a teacher.

LLL: I voted is so nice to be able to get out and not hit traffic everywhere you go on Sundays.

DO: I voted YES only because I do most of my shopping in Hudson County anyway...

KRB: Keep the Blue Laws. I have lived in the area for over 10 years and I have never needed to shop on Sunday - not once. Also - Ask employees of stores that will have to open on Sundays what they think. The last time this issue was voted on, I did - and found that all of the employees I spoke to-did not want to work the extra day. Finally - What is... See More the position of local, independently owned businesses? (as opposed to big box/national chains) Does a change in the law help or hurt the LOCAL economy?

NS: That law doesn't make any sense.

RSA: NO!!! I lived in Paramus 30 years of my life , why shouldn't the Blue Laws be abolished??? Because a bunch of snobby ass people want to keep "their" town and "their " roads to themselves ???? It's total BS !!! U can still go to church... U can still visit relatives ... Nobody would be stopping u but yourselves!!!! Im sure that everyone who lives ... See Morein Bergen (as I still do, tack on another 11years to me living in Bergen making it 41 total)had at one time or another gone to Palisades Mall or Willowbrook Mall on a Sunday..WITH YOUR FAMILY OR FRIENDS..I'm sure u all would be pretty p'o'd if everything, everywhere would be shut down on Sundays...Grow up already!!!!Although it's a Sunday, life does go on..if u don't like the traffic, stay home and enjoy your "quiet" Sunday...There are people out there who can't enjoy our malls on weekdays because they work, bringing me to one more point here...people need work, people need the extra money....keeping the store open in Bergen would help the economy .In Paramus alone I have counted at least 20 foreclosures in approximately 6 months...Now what's more important, your peace and quiet or quite possibly u being the next one who loses their home??Most of u knew what Paramus was like when u moved there..a busy town filled with stores..u had to figure at one point there'd be traffic,DUH it was a no brainer .. If u want peace and quiet and no traffic move out to the country!!!!

KC: More jobs on Sunday! More revenue for local merchants. Why the hell not?

JL: Bumper to bumper traffic rt. 4 rt. 17 parkway etc. New Yorkers will love it as well. There's congestion 6 out of 7 days, another one won't make a difference.

CH: If you don't live in Paramus, you can't fully appreciate how the shopping traffic makes your life a living hell. That one day is really important to people who live in that area. And they WILL fight for it. I don't live in Paramus, but my family is from there (I live in a nearby town). Everyone deserves a day of peace. That said, I sure wouldn... See More't mind being able to shop on Sundays. LOL But if I had the chance to vote, I'd vote for Blue Laws. It IS a quality of life issue here. But just like Kevin O'Connor said, our new governor doesn't give a **** about what we think. He said go ask a teacher? I am one. I have a deep seated loathing against this man for what he is doing to this state. And NOT just to teachers. To civil servants in general......and therefore to the state. He's striking the people who can least afford to take the hit, and letting the millionaires keep their tax money. Recall this governor. He lied worse than any other politician I can remember to get his office and now he's acting like he's King of all the land and marking his territory like a dog.

RSA: Why is it that people from Paramus will sit in traffic on a Sunday going to and from,say, Seaside Heights, have no problem congesting that town with more traffic on a Sunday (I'm sure none of u even give a second thought or care as to whether or not those people have a day off of traffic)When do these poor people get a break during the summer ... See Moreseason? THEY DONT,but when it comes to traffic in Paramus...IN "THEIR"'s a different story because THEY "deserve a day of peace and quiet..." ....give me a break!

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