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16 moments that helped define this decade in North Jersey

The 2010s had a little bit of everything for North Jersey. Here are some of the major events and trends that we covered.


Looking for a temporary job? Census Bureau looks to hire 40,000 workers in New Jersey

The Census Bureau is hoping to add up to 40,000 more temporary workers in New Jersey before the 2020 Census starts in the spring.


NJ teacher pay: People who educate your kids make wildly different amounts town to town

The median salary is $68,985. But teachers in the highest paid districts can make more than double those in the lowest paid even in the same county.


New Jersey warns against using cards at gas stations

Gas stations have until October to switch to chip-readers before becoming fully liable for any payment card fraud.


Mega Millions winning numbers for Tuesday, Dec. 31

The jackpot was an estimated $55 million with a cash option of $37 million.


Whether you know their names or not, keep an eye on these NJ politicos in 2020 | Stile

Some you know and some you don't. These 12 from both sides of the aisle are likely to be making more headlines in the near future.


State of NJ Transit, Port Authority in 2019 — and what you can expect for 2020

There was no shortage of transportation news in 2019 as NJ Transit rehabilitates, and the Port Authority plans for record use of its facilities.


Fewer annoying robocalls? President Trump signs bill to battle spam calls

A bill signed into law by President Trump on Monday night will help consumers keep robocalls from ringing their telephones.


There's no vaccine for ignorant | Sheneman cartoon

Vaccines work. They have always worked. If you don't vaccinate your children you are putting them, and others, at risk.

Things we shouldn't have to say in 2019:

-- Climate change is not a Chinese hoax

-- White nationalism is bad

-- Vaccinate your damn kids

The fact that we have to deal with measles as a public health risk, again, is ridiculous. Vaccines work. They have always worked. If you don't vaccinate your children you are putting them, and others, at risk. 

That's what may be the most appalling aspect of parent's who selfishly decide not to vaccinate. Vaccine rely on herd immunity to protect the most vulnerable. There are people, mostly the young and elderly, who can't be vaccinated because of their health. These vulnerable people rely on the rest of us, the herd, not to carry around deadly diseases that were eradicated decades ago with a simple injection.

Your refusal to vaccinate your child because some quack on the internet told you it may cause autism - it doesn't -is putting kids with real problems at risk. 

Real scientists with decades of experience and mountains of data have proven that vaccines work. It's not like this information is hiding. The studies on vaccine efficacy are readily available for anyone who cares to read them.

It might be more interesting to believe in some half-baked conspiracy theory you saw online but it's hurting your kid. Vaccines are not some big pharma scam to bilk you. The U.S. had trouble getting the pharmaceutical companies to produce enough vaccines because they are so unprofitable.

Nobody is conspiring to poison your child. Keep them safe, get them vaccinated. 

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Chris Christie's next stop: Sports Betting Hall of Fame

Ex-New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is being inducted into the Sports Betting Hall of Fame.

Chris Christie is headed to the Hall of Fame.

The Sports Betting Hall of Fame, that is.

According to a Forbes report, Christie is slated for election into the recently-founded Hall of Fame for the work he did to legalize sports gambling in the state of New Jersey.

For his part in helping expand legal sports wagering, Christie is being inducted on April 25 in the Sports Betting Hall of Fame, which was founded by Sports Betting Community (SBC) in 2016. SBC is a media and events organization based in London that runs conferences and publishes websites covering the sports betting and casino industries.

13 potential sidekicks for Mike Francesa

Christie was out of office by the time sports gambling went into effect in New Jersey, but the work he did to help legalize the activity during his tenure isn't going unnoticed.

The ceremony to induct this year's class--in which Christie will become the first person from the United States and first politician elected in--will take place in April 2019.

The ceremony, at Manhattan's Sky Room rooftop bar, is coinciding with SBC's Betting on Sports America conference, which is taking place from April 23 through 25 in New Jersey and New York. New Jersey governor Phil Murphy is scheduled to give the keynote address on April 24 at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, N.J.

Christe held office as New Jersey Governor from 2010-2018. After a brief stop at WFAN toward the end of his political tenure, Christie became a political correspondent for ABC News.

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