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Englewood Hospital lockout ends as nurses vote to ratify new contract

Englewood Hospital nurses lockout ends
hospital lockout ends
ENGLEWOOD, N.J. - Members of the Health Professionals and Allied Employees local union have voted to ratify a new contract, thus bringing an end to the two-week lockout of healthcare workers by Englewood Hospital and Medical Center.

In a written statement released late Tuesday afternoon, the union stated that "winning nurse staffing improvements long advocated made the two-week lockout feel worthwhile."

"We have always been proud of the nursing care we provide at Englewood Hospital, and in each contract we've worked to improve our nurse-to-patient staffing levels," said Stephanie Orrico, an RN at Englewood Hospital and an HPAE officer. "Once again, as a result of our focus on staffing, and the development of new schedules that will recruit and retain new nurses for our hospital we can say

that the nursing care at Englewood Hospital will remain outstanding."

The agreement will reportedly add nine new nurses to medical surgical and psychiatric units in order to improve nurse-to-patient ratios for the day and evening shifts.

While the 3-year agreement maintains existing pensions, nurses also gave up some scheduled pay increases. The new contract provides 4% in wage increases, and two "step" increases averaging 3% more over the length of the contract. The nurses also agreed to extend their work day by ½ hour.

In a written press release Tuesday afternoon, Englewood Hospital and Medical Center stated that it was "very pleased with the new contract" and that it "is within the Medical Center's financial means."

The nurses are scheduled to return to work on Thursday morning at 7:00 a.m.

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