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East Rutherford, NJ News

Photos: "Highline" bordering Rutherford and East Rutherford blocked off by Norfolk Southern

Two years ago, a lone Rutherford resident cleared out a path to the Passaic River at the location of an old rail line. Just one problem—the Norfolk Southern Corp. never authorized anyone to create a trail on its private property.

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East Rutherford and Rutherford communities dismayed after Norfolk Southern blocks off Rutherford highline

The Norfolk Southern Corp. owns the 1.4 mile strip of land where a lone Rutherford resident cleared the trail two years ago. The company contends that it needs to ward off trespassers

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Flash flood rescue

East Rutherford Fire Department rescued multiple people in their cars due to flooding.

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Rutherford man arrested for East Rutherford accident that sent woman to hospital

Investigation is ongoing into accident in East Ruthertford that sent a pedestrian to the hospital.

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Landmark East Rutherford banquet hall closes

It was called Landmark, but the East Rutherford banquet hall that carved a high profile holding weddings, corporate events and political fundraisers for governors, senators and local politicians is a landmark no more â shut down in the face of a tough economy, competitive pressures and a desire by the owner to get out of the business.

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North Arlington's sprawling cemetery a somber source of civic pride

Paramus has its malls. Paterson has its waterfall. East Rutherford has its stadium. And North Arlington has its dead. The borough is home to New Jersey’s largest Catholic cemetery, Holy Cross, which explains a statistic locals regard with a mix of awe and pride: For every living soul in North Arlington, there are 20 who have ceased to be.

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Wall collapses onto East Rutherford roadway

Construction crews that were demolishing the building at 480 Paterson Ave. sent the wall tumbling into the roadway at about 8:30 a.m., police Lt Chris Conforti said. No one was injured.

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American Dream Meadowlands handed over former Xanadu project in East Rutherford

Developer, lending group signed agreement on July 31.

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Tractor trailer carrying cars catches fire in East Rutherford off NJ Turnpike

A Tractor trailer rig carrying about a half a dozen cars caught fire at 11:40 a.m. today, July 25, in East Rutherford.

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